March 23, 2011

the creativity deamon

now this is an Epic one.

it all started when i sold my organ to a girl only to find it later in the trash bin.

how about a deamon shaped like a cat trapped in a box, which allows to fulfill your creative talents.. while killing everyone to so.

need a part to play, the lead actor whacked, need to play, no problem it will feed you while scaring everyone away.

but it won’t allow you to stop creating, otherwise it will kill you.

sorry, can’t remember much, but very intesnse, now i’m tired ūüė¶

March 18, 2011

Hooker with a blue germlin?

Sorry, for not posting long, but usually i find hard to remember stuff…

but it’s REALLY hard to to forget a hooker who has a blue nimble gremlin living in her right breats under her nipple ,¬†just in case a cop rips her cloths off trying to rape , so he could jump off and bite him.

is it?

March 10, 2011


finnaly a dream i’ll be happy with in real life, the company got¬† me a laptop for work, which has… (for some reason) a rectacble keybaord below the regular existing one…

and i’m sure it had nothing to do with the fact the current one i’m using (in the dream) some how messed up the score board in a soccer game..


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March 9, 2011


trust me, i have no idea how did getting tested for trignomotry¬† and winning awards you a car to get away from zombies , (i may not remember this right).¬† did i mention i don’t drive?

and a really HOT zombie, a tall chic with jeans shorts, and for some reason, we needed to know (yes we…) if throwin really hot water on her, would help…. so we tested, it, meaning we tried to, we kept throwing a glass of hot steaming water on her but kept on missing, untill the glass was empty, so we threw that on her… and missed.

and no, this wasn’t a nightmare i woke up screaming from.

althought i did have that once, but it wasn’t screaming, it was jumping into the wall beside the bed and trying to climb it, (ripping the AC”S remote from it, only to find it under the dresser next morning).


March 5, 2011

the cat duplicate

this is about how i lost my cat (heaven forbid), but during the search i found another one exactly like it, so i figured i take it home with me, untill i find my original

the amazing thing here is how LOOOONG it felt, like months, during this time i thought about posting lost and found ads about my cat, tellling the owner of the clone cat i found , that i had his, but then i  was afraid folks will think i stole it.

not to mention that when i was on the way to post said ads, i was in a shuttle bus wearing nothing but underwear, and i couldn’t wait to get home to put cloths on!

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March 4, 2011

Who gives a Urine Sample to a bank?

I called (in a dream..)  my dad to find out if he really asked me to give his urine sample to the morgage bank, he said no, like it was a regualr question

only i DO remember giving it (or was it an embassy?) but i had to fill out 12 forms, and leave my passport there.

which off course makes perfect sense, right? ..RIGHT???

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March 4, 2011

When you can’t get laid even in your dreams

Ever tried to pick up a hot chick and got a “in your dreams” response ? well i never tried, but i heard it happens.

well in my dream, i’m in a trailer, ¬†a hot chicks is riding me, she’s¬†wearing a sweathshirt and bends over to rub her chest infront of my face, then as she’s about to take it off, enters Arnold Schwarzenegger!, but almost bold¬†(aside from a hair piece and wearing sun glasses )¬†the chick is¬†forzen like she doesn’t want to get cought, but he completly ignores her like she’s not there, ¬†and ORDERS me to take out the trash bag, and steps out.

you can’t say no to the Schwarzenegger can you? anyway the girl quickly dress up, and when i asks will she come over later, she mumbles something and dissappear..

so i guess i’m really hopless if i can’t have sex even “In your dreams”

March 4, 2011

A dream within a dream?

this is one of the most annoying dreams i had. in it I’m able to move things in my mind, which is a cool, because i’m so lazy, but then i wake up and feel disappointed.

But it gets worse, the 2nd time i dream it i remembered (in the dream) the first time, so i made note not to be impressed, but then i woke up, and still HAD it! but then i thought this must be a dream….
so i kept “waking up” at least 5 times until i was convinced i really had the power, THEN i woke up ūüė¶